Residential Leasing

September 13, 2016

We are a quality real estate agency offering apartment or house on rent, specializing in facilitating clients to quickly find appropriate housing in Delhi/NCR. We offer a one-stop service that handles all the practical aspects of renting homes for short or longer periods. Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses, villas and apartments. Furnished or semi-furnished, they are available in a broad price range. With unmatched expertise and in depth knowledge of the local market, we, at XPLORE OFFICE, boast ourselves as one of the leading property consultancy firms in the region.

We are well aware of what moving to a new place and living there really means. We are equipped to give relocating families or individuals, the support they need to adjust quickly to their new homes and surroundings. We first help you to visit homes that best suit you and your families’ needs. We then assist you with lease negotiation, home inspection and inventory to accurately establish move-in condition. The search begins as soon as we receive inputs from the client. Our extensive associations with private and professional property owners are entirely at your disposal. And not only do we provide an appropriate shortlist, we also assist you and your family while they’re visiting the shortlisted homes, flats or apartments. We offer advice to help you to reach the right decisions. We will also be glad to guide you through the entire process of lease negotiation, making sure that the rental agreement is reasonable.
Additionally, our dynamic consultants are able to offer financial analysis, research and market advice in all aspects of the residential property service. We believe in cultivating our integrity through a completely client focused and transparent approach to our business.

Be it for an individual or the relocation of an entire family, we have a good understanding of the key requirements as well as the personal preferences of varied clients. We strive and thrive in identifying the needs of the client and customize our offerings to meet our client’s expectations.

We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the local areas. Our clients get the best deal through thorough financial analysis, research and market advice on all aspects of renting an apartment / house.

Our team will be happy to be at your service with your quest for the perfect accommodation!