Expatriate Leasing

September 13, 2016

Experience the comfort and safety. In order for you to feel more welcome, XPLORE OFFICE is more than happy to help you in the process of finding the suitable home to rent. We’ve been doing so for quite some time now. We understand the needs of an expat, who must work and live in a foreign country and upon arrival wants to get up and running as quickly as possible. The first impression of the house or apartment that is offered strongly influences the whole expat experience. Also, when a person relocates, they are immersed in a whole new living environment and different culture. For this reason we aim to make the expat, and their family, immediately feel at home.

We specialize in providing quality rental apartments in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon for expats, embassy personnel and employers of international companies. We will help you acquire studios, apartments and houses for both short-term and long-term leases. Our professional staff’s main priority is to assure, from the accommodation perspective, a successful new start. Our staff will ensure a smooth transition during the whole renting procedure and settling in. This enables the expat employee to focus on his / her job, smoothly and stress-free.

We are proud of the personal, tailored service and personal guidance we provide for our clients. We offer full support to make sure that your personnel, staff or executives do not have to worry about finding a house or an apartment. Our experienced staff will do the work for you, thus eliminating the apprehension you might normally experience in your quest for a new home. We believe firmly in highly personalized service, tailored to specific client needs. Our knowledge and experience of local conditions enables us to offer support to clients in relocating to their new home and surroundings.

We have a vast network and a large portfolio of houses and apartments. After an intake with you, where we draft a profile of your wishes with regard to the location, price, size etc, we understand which criteria the properties have to meet and ultimately provide you with the same. We are more than happy to give you viewings and access to the widest range of properties  available for rent throughout Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.